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Rodaan / Al Galidi
Tango with goat

Tango with goat is Rodaan Al Galidi's second Radiobook. It's a very quirky tale of two unfortunate brothers. Both Radiobook stories by Rodaan Al Galidi - ‘February in Schipol’ and ‘Tango with Goat’ - were translated by Irish writer and poet Michael O’Loughlin whose work is included in the acclaimed collection ‘Turning Tides: Modern Dutch & Flemish Verse in English Versions by Irish Poets.’

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Rodaan / Al Galidi

Rodaan Al Galidi was born in southern Iraq in 1971 but doesn’t know the exact date. “In the desert birthdays aren’t celebrated,” he explains. But his large family including 10 brothers and sisters all celebrated theirs together on the 1st of July. He studied civil engineering in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil. Al Galidi left Iraq and arrived in the Netherlands in 1998 as an asylum seeker. His story ‘February in Schipol’ is based on his personal experience. Soon he was writing columns for several Dutch newspapers and magazines. In 2002 he published a collection of them under the title ‘Dagboek van een ezel’ (Diary of an ass). In the same year he published his first collection of poetry ‘De fiets, de vrouw en de liefde’ (The bicycle, the woman and the love”). In 2003 he was nominated for the prestigious J.C. Bloem Prize.

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