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J. Bernlef
La Promesse

For Radiobooks, Bernlef introduces us to the owner of a small down-and-out hotel which she inherited from her parents.

“In order to fool myself into thinking that the hotel was still in use, I slept in a different room every night… I tried to imprint myself on the hotel, to live in it as if it was an ordinary house. A house with numbered rooms. But a hotel is not a home. It only prospers in an atmosphere of the temporary, of suitcases being brought back and forth, of keys handed in, a register full of names and dates of arrival and departure. There was never enough time to really get to know guests. A hotel is a temporary refuge, and exciting as that had seemed to me as a child, it made me sad now that I was an adult and was alone with all those empty rooms, without any guests to look after.”

‘La Promesse’ by Bernlef was translated by Michael O’Loughlin. The story is read by Jacky Spears.

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J. Bernlef

Bernlef (Sint Pancras, 1937-2012) schreef een groot aantal gedichten, verhalen, romans en essays. Van zijn vele romans zijn Hersenschimmen (1984) en Publiek geheim (1987) het bekendst geworden. Bernlef ontving vele prijzen, waaronder de P.C. Hooftprijs, de Constantijn Huygensprijs en de AKO Literatuurprijs. Ook Bernlefs latere romans werden zeer goed ontvangen: de roman Boy (2000) werd genomineerd voor de Libris Literatuur Prijs en Buiten is het maandag (2003) zowel voor de Libris Literatuur Prijs als voor de AKO Literatuurprijs. In 2008 was Bernlef de auteur van het Nederlandse Boekenweekgeschenk, De pianoman.

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